last respects

last respects
final tribute, last farewell (to the deceased)

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • last respects — noun Final visit to a person nearing death, or to a person who has just died.. I went to pay my last respects to my aunt, who has cancer …   Wiktionary

  • last respects — noun the act of expressing respect for someone who has died he paid his last respects by standing quietly at the graveside • Usage Domain: ↑plural, ↑plural form • Hypernyms: ↑deference, ↑respect …   Useful english dictionary

  • pay one's last respects — verb To visit the place where the remains of a dead person has been prepared for burial or cremation, either as a private act of remembrance or as a public display to others. Mr. Thompson performed the service, and I preached a sermon to a… …   Wiktionary

  • pay one's last respects — ► pay one s last respects show respect towards a dead person by attending their funeral. Main Entry: ↑pay …   English terms dictionary

  • last — 1. adj., adv., & n. adj. 1 after all others; coming at or belonging to the end. 2 a most recent; next before a specified time (last Christmas; last week). b preceding; previous in a sequence (got on at the last station). 3 only remaining (the… …   Useful english dictionary

  • respects — noun (often with last or final ): regards or respect expressed for a deceased person, usually at the same time as offering condolences to other mourners. Please come to the funeral service and pay your last respects for her grandmother …   Wiktionary

  • paid his last respects — participated in a funeral …   English contemporary dictionary

  • pay one's last respects — show respect towards a dead person by attending their funeral. → pay …   English new terms dictionary

  • pay one's last respects — show respect toward a dead person by attending their funeral …   Useful english dictionary

  • pay your respects — formal : to visit or speak with someone in a polite way as a sign of respect I went up to her after the meeting and paid my respects. We paid our last respects at his funeral. [=we went to his funeral as a sign of respect] • • • Main Entry: ↑pay …   Useful english dictionary

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